Brand USA

Fliggy Single's Day Campaign


increase in bookings
increase in sales of US travel products from the year prior.
total engagements (highest among any Fliggy “Secret Journey” campaign)


China’s Single's Day serves as world’s largest online shopping event, with 2017 observing a record-breaking $25.3 billion spent in just 24 hours. Created by e-commerce giant Alibaba, the extravaganza takes place every year on November 11 (11/11).

Hylink facilitated a partnership with Brand USA and Alibaba’s rapidly-expanding travel portal, Fliggy, to implement a Single’s Day campaign to attract Chinese millennials – the country’s most active group of outbound travelers. Our campaign was the first instance in which a western country participated as a single destination for Single's Day, with Fliggy featuring an array of American travel products on its website. The campaign, named “Secret Journey,” stands as China’s #1 travel campaign to date with 55x ROI.


Promote destinations such as Hawaii, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Michigan and Disney in an effort to boost sales of U.S. travel products during Single's Day.


Hylink initiated a 360° campaign promoting U.S. destinations and products by leveraging enticing creative, social, and media on mobile. Hylink conceptualized and developed all visual assets and key messaging components, tailoring the content to fit Fliggy’s target audience – millennial travelers. We created unique banners for each destination, utilizing top Chinese travel KOLs to create buzz. We also initiated various taglines to enable different partners to communicate the unique facets of each destination.

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