San Francisco Travel Association

Draw Something Campaign


new followers (12.4% increase)


Inspire more Chinese travelers to visit San Francisco, and increase the city’s brand awareness and user engagement on WeChat.


To maintain the theme that San Francisco is multifaceted and presents many varying degrees of travel experiences, much like a kaleidoscope, we created an interactive campaign for WeChat. We encouraged followers to guess the correct location in San Francisco by commenting on our WeChat posts. We then revealed the answer in another post along with an overview of the attraction and a list of other similar spots to visit while in SF. The featured locations were grouped according to difficulty and the hints became more difficult as users progressed. Tiered gifts were awarded to winners based upon their engagement and responses, with the grand prize winner receiving a round-trip flight from China to SFO. Our media team placed two different paid acquisition banner ads to direct users to the campaign on SFTA's account, which helped increase the campaign reach.

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