UCLA Health

#TeamLA Tik Tok Campaign


views of videos using the campaign song


As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads fear and anxiety across LA, UCLA Health has the unique opportunity to step up and share a message of togetherness and unity.

UCLA Health launched a hashtag on Instagram called #TeamLA to help combat the COVID 19. To take this campaign one step further, UCLA Health is looking to create a campaign that will help the people of LA be at ease and cope with stress/anxiety during this pandemic by addressing it in a lighthearted, entertaining way.


To enlarge the audience reach on social media, UCLA Health kept the hashtag #TeamLA and launched a “Dance with L.A.” campaign on Tik Tok, encouraging people to generate and upload their own video to showcase their togetherness.

By leveraging TikTok, a trendy video sharing social media platform, UCLA Health can inspire optimism, encourage unity and leave a positive impact on the people of Los Angeles and those connected to them socially.

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